Another export brilliant Zte lords strength into overseas markets

     The first person to eat crab, need to take the biggest risk, but may also be the most gain.A competitive market, seize the opportunities of the enterprise tend to occupy a large market share, others can only divide a piece of cake.Zte car is China's first automotive enterprises to export, intensive cultivation for many years, with excellent product and channel, develop a broader overseas markets.

      In just the past 2016 years, zte car harvest quite abundant, not only won the one thousand sets of Iran's orders, and as zte lords listed, in the second half of this year is expected to import to Iran market.African market countries such as Sudan, Angola, also has been passed the test validation of zte lords, and began to plan the follow-up orders.


Seize the initiative role in bon zte cars will be made in China

Iran has been zte car in the most mature and one of the most successful overseas market, as early as in 2009, zte car pickup with products and technical strength with the department to compete to win, finally signed a cooperation project with Iran.In recent years, domestic economic sanctions against Iran by moderating, car manufacturers gradually out of the difficult situation, began to face the new competitive landscape and market status.Faced with such a booming again in the semi-closed state of the market for a long time, car companies from all over the world rubbing their hands.In the other car companies, one step ahead of zte car horns, actively promote the communication with Iran customers, in May last year in Iran signed a 840 agreement with the customer first, to the end of 2016 has been completed order for 1020 units, at the beginning of 2017 single pickup batch Iran market, both goals, with strong product force, localization, accurate market positioning, zte car in Iran's annual sales will reach 3000 units.Angola is zte car old partner, in 2013 began to establish cooperation, basic every year hundreds of orders over the years.Sudan as a new distributor channel, last year consecutive order tiger products, it is reported in January this year will continue to place the order.


Such overseas orders, not rare for zte car.In fact, zte car after knocking on doors Iraq in 1991, took to the legendary trip to export.In more than 20 years, zte car another overseas sales hit a record high, performance has been very grab an eye in the international market, set up the "made in China" good reputation, has laid the domestic independent brands overseas market leading position, more form the media do not copy "zte phenomenon".

Popular trend continues to spread Zte lords land overseas market is strong

In October 2016, zte lords in domestic market, and immediately raised a hot wave to snap up, more cars sold out now, dealers queue order to vendor, and this situation not only at home, only sell like hot cakes will also spread to the overseas market.

Zte lords land overseas market for the first time, zte car and overseas distributors are very seriously.Start at the end of September 2016 a prototype test validation to Sudan, including 2000 km long, 1000 kilometers of indoor, and testing of various complex road conditions.The basic testing finished, satisfactory test results for each other, is currently in talks zte lords order;Angola market, is currently in preparation for zte lords in the local test, test plan at the end of march this year to complete;In the second half of 2017, zte lords will also enter the Iranian market, while maintaining the tiger series products advantages, will also take the lead in importing high-end pickup.


For the zte lords exports abroad, foreign auto professionals was full of praise to the Lord say Lord has numerous so that their superior performance.Obvious advantages, such as: chassis zte lords adopt professional off-road chassis, vehicle handling, minimum 220 mm from the ground clearance, and eased the potholes cross-country road muddy;Dynamic performance is strong, pick up the VM engine isuzu introduction of European technology production, maximum power 136 horsepower, the maximum torque of 340 cattle. Meters, power is strong, come on corresponding fast, especially the high-speed power is strong;Fashion appearance don't need to say much more, domineering, a U.S. big pickups hale style, within the current international popular interior soft package, leather texture, the grade of the whole car up obviously, such collocation is very accord with the aesthetic requirement of foreign friends.


Zte car know to become a brand with international influence, must be based on the core technology.In the face of complex and changeful export environment and international environment, zte always adhere to the forward development model, to technological innovation of products, constantly strive to achieve perfection.Believe that relies on many years of technical strength and constant for pickup enterprise concept, tzu chi is in search of zte cars in the future will be in a broader international market and repeat the glory of the auto export.

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